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Jessica Sapwell Accredited Practising Dietitian

Jessica Sapwell Accredited Practising Dietitian

I am Jessica Sapwell, an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist, and the Director of Abundant Life Nutrition.

I have been keenly interested in health and nutrition since I was young. When I realised I could pursue such an interest as a career, I set out whole-heartedly to achieve my goal. Little did I know what an exciting journey I had embarked upon.

I am incredibly passionate about helping people, using food as medicine! I have witnessed first-hand countless cases of significantly improved health conditions and enhanced vitality using nutritional interventions over my years of practise. Not to mention, my own personal experience!

In addition, there is a large body of Research to back the positive impact nutrition has on the function of the human body. It is essential for human wellness!

Unfortunately, in our Western culture, our body’s are put under grave stress, due to nutrient-poor food and beverage choices, lack of sleep, long working hours, emotional stress, minimal ‘me’ time, and infrequent episodes of laughing, so many of us feel low in Energy, tired and/or stressed most of the time, and battle with several illnesses. Digestive issues are increasingly common too.

So, I have a new goal! It is depicted in the name under which I practise.

I wish to:

  • Inspire you to choose nutrient-rich foods to nourish your body with; to show you that such foods can be (and should be) delicious
  • Empower you by providing education on the misleading health messages we are surrounded by
  • Encourage more home growing
  • Support and provide simple ways to get back to good ol’ home cooking
  • Encourage you to honour yourself (and see how amazing you are!)

That, through this, you would prosper in health, and live a life of abundant energy, wellness and emotional stability.

I am someone who practises what I preach, so I know it is possible!
Small steps and positive supports is the key!

I would be honoured to help you achieve your health goals!

Click here if you would like to view the list of conditions I am most experienced in managing/treating.

Qualifications and Experience

Accredited Practising DietitianI hold a membership with the Dietitians Association of Australia as an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and Accredited Nutritionist (AN).

In addition to my work in private practice, I hold two other positions that I absolutely love:

  • A Lecturer at Endeavour College of Natural Health, Adelaide.
  • Nutrition Presentation

    A Dietitian Presenter for local and rural organisations across South Australia. I have conducted workshops and nutrition presentations for groups ranging from 10-150 people for:

    • Adelaide University
    • Santos (Moomba)
    • Defence SA
    • Prince Alfred College
    • Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO)
    • Techport Australia
    • SA Power Networks
    • Mining and Quarrying SA
    • Local and Regional Councils


Education and Professional Development

Master of Nutrition and Dieteticsflinders-uni-logo
Flinders University of South Australia
For my Masters Research Project, I examined the direction and magnitude of weight change post liver transplant in Australian patients, and investigated whether there are any factors that predict weight change in this cohort.
To read my research paper click here.

Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement and Health Studies)
University of South Australia
Key Electives:

  • Sports Nutrition
  • Exercise Physiology

In order to broaden my skills as a Dietitian, I have undergone further training in:

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), under the teaching of Dr Russ Harris
  • The Health At Every Size Approach and counselling skills for Dietitians, under the teaching of Fiona Willer, APD and Fiona Sutherland, APD